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JuggerBot 3D

JuggerBot is a technology development firm introducing a line of engineering-grade 3D printers that are both easy-to-use and versatile.

The company was conceived in August of 2014 after the three founders had conceptualized a product that would be the ultimate tool to promote innovation and improve efficiency for engineers around the world. The JuggerBot 900 combines advancements in software, hardware, and material science to excel in usability and versatility. JuggerBot’s engineering grade printers provide users with an economic, reliable solution to the vast majority of additive manufacturing applications. 

Its target market is the United States’ manufacturing industry, with a focus on plastics manufacturers in our initial sales and marketing efforts. The JuggerBot 900 is also a compliment to existing 3D printers, and will prove to be most useful as companies make the transition from rapid prototyping to digitally optimized design (DoD). 

JuggerBot 3D has aligned with local manufactures to execute beta testing, and will deploy beta prototypes into these real-world facilities in March 2016. Over the next seven months, JuggerBot 3D will arrive at a market-ready product and plans to officially launch in September of 2016.

The company received a $25,000 Innovation Fund A award in February 2016, and a $100,000 award in February 2020