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Brilliency transforms the energy ecosystem by redefining the role of residential consumers and creating new monetary transactions around electric conservation, generation, and consumption. The Brilliant Efficiency platform allows electric, gas and water utilities to develop value-added relationships with the consumers  by rewarding them for making behavior changes that enable utilities to implement new technology roll-outs, pricing structure changes, and infrastructure reinvestment.

Beginning with Consumer Engagement, the "Brilliant Efficiency" (BE) online service engages and activates residential users to build strong and meaningful relationships with their utilities through two-way communication, data display, gamification and behavior transformation towards conservation and energy management.  The platform also improves day-to-day transactional concerns such as bill payment and peak demand management.

Brilliency works in partnership with utilities to offer consumers an online service for understanding and tracking their home’s electric, water and gas usage and developing meaningful relationships that do not exist today between the utility and their consumers.

The company received a $25,000 Innovation Fund A award in August 2014.