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Octet Scientific

Octet Scientific, Inc. was founded in 2017 to address an unmet need for support chemistry in the Zinc Battery industry. Zinc is a very attractive energy metal because it is safe, cheap, plentiful, recyclable and green, but several complications centered around recharging have slowed the emergence of this technology into markets like grid storage, stationary power, electric vehicles, and portable devices. Observing that recharging is the problematic bottleneck for zinc, Octet is applying its expertise designing and producing electrolyte additives, chemical designed to control recharging, to help bring zinc batteries to these markets. A recent recipient of an SBIR grant from the National Science Foundation, Octet is now partnering with Zinc Battery manufacturers of various chemistries to develop value-adding chemicals to improve efficiency, cycle life, safety, and ease of operation for next-generation Zinc Batteries.