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Hyr Medical

Hyr Medical was founded in 2017 with a vision to fundamentally transform and modernize the healthcare staffing industry and enable an elastic, responsive and on demand workforce.

There is a massive and growing Practitioner shortage in the healthcare industry. Freelance Practitioners are used to relieve this shortage, but the current staffing supply chain is slow, expensive and stuck in the 1980’s. Medical Practices pay high agency markups and sacrifice an estimated $7500 per day due to onboarding delays. Furthermore, over 50% of Physicians report burnout and patients ultimately suffer.

Hyr Medical’s online marketplace eliminates the agency middle man. We enable direct connections between Practitioners and Medical Practices, automate portions of the credentialing process, and provide upfront transparency into rates and practice locations. This results in improved patient throughput and lower costs for Medical Practices, happier Physicians and healthier patients.