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LIFTR was founded by Ted Troxell and Adam Miclot. Since October 2018, they have created two flagship products supported by it's Al engine The first is Liftr, a predictive Al technology that measures images and text to provide engagement statistics like Likes and Comments (for social media) and Open-rate and click-through-rate (for e-mail.) The second is Crowdspect which allows market researchers to rapidly summarize unstructured text data that can come from a variety of different sources like surveys, focus group transcripts, customer service call transcripts, social, and customer reviews. For both products, the underlying Al technology is able to classify data based on several different factors such as age, gender, emotions, topics of conversation, and interests. The Al engine is also able to group statements together by building out a "conversational tree" which is a visual representation of conversation allowing users to quickly understand their customers like never before.