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New Medical Device For Dogs Fights Oral Bacteria While He Plays; Crowdfunding Launches Today

A Cleveland-based biotech startup has invented a new medical device that fights oral bacteria linked to bad breath and gum disease in dogs – a health problem that affects 80% of our canine friends by the age of three. The device, called Zumby™, is disguised as a dog toy and uses a very small, safe and undetectable amount of electrical stimulation, known as micro-current technology, to eliminate harmful oral bacteria. In lab testing at Case Western Reserve University, micro-current technology eliminated 70-99% of harmful oral bacteria.

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Nikola laterally moving pedal

Nikola is the brain child of Nick Stevovich from Rocky River, Ohio. Stevovich took his background in speed skating and applied that to the bicycle pedal and has developed a laterally moving pedal that he developed in an effort to increase power and speed.

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Mayor tours Cleveland Whiskey, a new bourbon producer which makes liquor without much aging

Frank Jackson was a on a tour of a relatively new company near Cleveland's mid-town area. Cleveland Whiskey, a producer of bourbon, sold its first batch of bourbon in March, 2013. Since then, using a quicker high-tech process to side-step the traditional aging process of bourbon, its sales have reached seven states.

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Breakthrough anti-rust coating could net startup Tesla Nanocoatings $55 million

The U.S. military believes that a Northeast Ohio company has discovered a cheap way to keep rust at bay. And so does a huge South Korean conglomerate called SK Holdings, which plans to invest $55 million in Tesla NanoCoatings over several years. Todd Hawkins obviously agrees with them. He founded the North Canton company, which has created what could be a significantly better way to protect structural steel from corrosion. Tesla NanoCoatings used carbon nanotubes — which are much stronger and lighter than steel — to develop a coating system that appears to be more durable and easier to apply than conventional coatings that use more zinc.

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Light-based technology created in Medina is first in world

A light-based paint, created in Northeast Ohio, is one of a kind in the world. Medina company, Darkside Scientific, created LumiLor. The product is a patented Electroluminescent Coating System, which is energized with an electrical current. Basically, the paint becomes a light bulb when an electrical current is present. According to Darkside CEO, Shawn Mastrian, LumiLor is the world's first and only Electroluminescent Coating System.

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Tech Czar Talk: Akron deserves props for being an emerging center for games, software

This week the Tech Czar explores the powerful data analytics software developed by Segmint and the rich gaming experiences being fueled by Blue Frog Gaming, both companies calling Akron home.

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