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City tests new weapons in fight against potholes

In the latest round of Boston versus potholes, the city is bringing in the big guns: a Silly Putty-like material encased in portable plastic bags invented by college students. Shape-shifting goo that hardens instantly under pressure... The company's founders, recent graduates of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, believe the pliable bags can serve as a fix for a few hours or days, preventing damage to passing vehicles before crews can make a permanent repair.

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Tesla, U. of Akron to Develop Anti-Corrosion Coating Products

Tesla NanoCoatings, a leading producer of high-tech, anti-corrosive coatings for the oil and gas industry and military uses, is researching and developing a partnership with the University of Akron...

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Cleveland Whiskey Aims to Quench Global Thirst for Bourbon

A Boston native wants to put Cleveland on the map. In fact, he's aiming to put it all over the globe in the form of his new bourbon called, simply, Cleveland Whiskey.

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MRIs and CT scans become virtual 3-D models in rehearsal platform for high-risk brain surgeries

Moty Avisar and Alon Geri have backgrounds in flight simulation. Dr. Warren Selman is neurosurgeon-in-chief at University Hospitals in Cleveland. Together, the three top minds behind Surgical Theater have developed a surgery rehearsal platform on which surgeons can practice the procedure they are about to perform on a specific patient and use a digital replica of the patient's specific anatomy.

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SPR Therapeutics can sell Smartpatch nerve stimulation product in Europe

SPR Therapeutics LLC now can sell its flagship product in Europe.

European regulators have given the Highland Heights company the go-ahead to begin selling the Smartpatch nerve stimulation system for use in patients with chronic shoulder pain.

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Techin’ In: Paint With An Electric Charge

Light up a paint job with the flick of a switch!

A company called Darkside Scientific is blowing minds coast to coast with their new electroluminescent paint they call LumiLor. They're electrifying everything from walls to guitars to motorcycles, and the sky is the limit for what Lumilor's future capabilities could be.

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