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App for collaborating writers wins top prize at ‘Pitch Night’ in Hudson

An online app called Beegit, which is designed to make it easier for writers to work together on a project, won the top prize in the second annual Pitch Night business competition Thursday in Hudson. Beegit LLC, a startup headquartered in Cleveland, won $3,000 in the business idea competition akin to ABC TV’s Shark Tank.

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This Wristband Wants To Replace All Of Your Keys And Passwords

Chris Wentz was just finishing up his stint at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, when he found himself working on a group project for an entrepreneurship class. The assignment was pretty open ended: Come up with any business idea.

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Zumby: A teeth-cleaning dog toy

We've all heard the phrase "dog breath." Dogs don't brush their teeth like humans do, and sometimes their breath gets pretty stinky. But now, a Cleveland-based company hopes to change that with a new toy, called "Zumby." Paul Ruflin of Animal Oralectrics and Kelly Gentile, as well as their dog, Hippo, stopped by WKYC to explain.

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Everykey's wristband that replaces keys and passwords takes first place at ProtoTech pitch competition

Chris Wentz threw keys behind his back and used fire to light up a piece of paper Tuesday evening at Magnet's first pitch competition for hardware startups. Two hours later he walked away with $12,000 in funding to help launch Everykey, an electronic wristband designed to replace keys and passwords.

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Local company creates high-tech dog toys that clean teeth

Keeping your canine's chompers clean can be real struggle, but a Cleveland company has a high-tech solution. It looks like a normal chew toy, but there's a secret hidden inside. "The device is motion activated, so all your dog has to do it play with it," said Paul Ruflin, with Animal Oralectrics. When the toy is in your dog's mouth, the Zumby, developed in Cleveland, is on the attack. "Treats the dog with a microcurrent technology that actually kills the bacteria," added Ruflin. Animal Oralelectrics, LLC says Zumby kills up to 90 percent of harmful bacteria when your dog plays with it several times a week for 10-20 minutes.

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XPRIZE Announces Finalists For $2.25 Million Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE

XPRIZE, the global leader in incentivized prize competition, today announced the 11 finalist teams selected for the $2.25M Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE, a competition to develop breakthrough medical sensing technologies that will ultimately enable faster diagnoses and easier personal health monitoring.

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