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New Medical Device for Dogs Fights Oral Bacteria While He Plays; Crowdfunding Launches Today

October 15, 2014: A Cleveland-based biotech startup has invented a new medical device that fights oral bacteria linked to bad breath and gum disease in dogs – a health problem that affects 80% of our canine friends by the age of three. The device, called Zumby™, is disguised as a dog toy and uses a very small, safe and undetectable amount of electrical stimulation, known as micro-current technology, to eliminate harmful oral bacteria. In lab testing at Case Western Reserve University, micro-current technology eliminated 70-99% of harmful oral bacteria.

The makers of the product, Cleveland-based Animal Oralectrics, have developed a prototype and expect to be on the market in spring 2015. Beginning today, the company is taking preorders as part of an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign at

Micro-current technology has actually been used for generations in humans to accelerate bone growth, rehab muscles after injury and treat Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ). Except with Zumby, the electrical stimulation is much lower and is not detectable. The stimulation is activated when Zumby™ comes in contact with the dog's saliva. To be effective, the dog needs to play with the device two to three times a week for 10-20 minutes.

About Animal Oralectrics
Zumby is owned by Animal Oralectrics LLC, a Cleveland-based company that develops oral hygiene devices for animals. Oralectrics licensed the technology from another Cleveland-based company, Biolectrics LLC, which is applying the same technology to treat oral problems in humans. The human version has undergone clinical trials at the University at Buffalo, showing significant reductions in harmful oral bacteria after prescribed use. The Animal Oralectrics licensing agreement grants the company exclusive worldwide field of use to treat oral problems in animals. Zumby is Animal Oralectrics' first product. For more information about Zumby, visit For more information about Animal Oralectrics, visit

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