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Since its founding in 2015, BioflightVR has been developing immersive education, training and simulation solutions utilizing XR technologies. With partners Facebook, Oculus ,AiSolve and Children’s hospital Los Angeles, BioflightVR developed a first in VR pediatric trauma training. The pilot program ran for 4 months and the published results that confirmed psychological fidelity and effectiveness in training has been peer reviewed and gone through a complete IRB study. This foundational work has become a core component for the new commercial training product being developed with Akron Children’s Hospital. BioflightVR is work closely with ACH and has taken up residence at TABL to work hand in hand with the simulation teams, surgical specialists and medical educators at ACH. In addition to our work with Akron Children’s we’re also launching a surgical training pilot program with DUKE University. As a company BioflightVR is planning commercialization or our core PEDS training product and expansion of our surgical training program in 2019. BioflightVR is also working with other local educational institutions like Tri-C and Neo Med.