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Revenue Conduit gets $250,000 from recapitalized JumpStart fund

JumpStart has chosen the first company that will receive an investment from its recently recapitalized Evergreen Fund: Revenue Conduit. JumpStart has committed $250,000 to the Akron-based e-commerce software company. Revenue Conduit will use the money to speed up the development of its product, which links e-commerce platforms to marketing automation systems. The funding also will help Revenue Conduit acquire customers and get ready to raise additional capital in 2017, according to CEO Daniel Kurt.

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Startups scoop up Venture for America fellows

BoxCast has already hired five fresh college graduates through the Venture for America program. And CEO Gordon Daily says he may very well hire another from this year’s graduating class. He loves the Venture for America program. Loves it. After all, the national fellowship program has provided his Cleveland-based startup company with a steady pipeline of well-rounded, entrepreneurial overachievers from all over the country. People he shouldn’t be able to afford.

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LCCC honors Dr. Roy Church and establishes Roy and Bobbi Church Visionary Leadership Institute with gala

After 29 years of service to Lorain County Community College, Dr. Roy A. Church has left his mark on the school with the establishment of the Roy and Bobbi Church Visionary Leadership Institute. The Visionary Leadership Institute held a kick-off Legacy of Leadership gala April 25 outside of the LCCC Spitzer Center, 1005 N. Abbe Road. The black tie affair drew a crowd of 660, who gathered for cocktails, dinner and speeches by Church, LCCC Board Chair Terry Goode and keynote speaker Dr. Michael Porter of Harvard Business School.

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Sensor center passes break-even point

SMART Microsystems Ltd., which runs the center’s first floor, passed the break-even point last summer, according to Matt Apanius, president of the company, which is owned by the Lorain County Community College Innovation Foundation.

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Two tech startups receive funding

JuggerBot 3D plans to build two 3-D printer prototypes to further the company’s research. Enyx Studios will create a trailer to market its new virtual-reality game. This is what two local startups plan to do with the $25,000 they each received from Innovation Fund Northeast Ohio.

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2 YBI Startups Receive $25K Innovation Fund Grants

Two startup portfolio companies at the Youngstown Business Incubator have received $25,000 apiece from The Innovation Fund of Northeast Ohio to help offset costs associated with equipment, development, and project validation, the fund announced today.

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